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Chongqing Jin Te Rui Machine Co Ltd is an international leading supplier specialized in providing high performance CNC machining and die casting parts With precise market positioning and excellent enterprise culture Jin Te Rui owns one plant in Bishan District and one office in Shapingba district The plant s location is close to the Chengdu Chongqing expressway the high speed railway and the Chongqing Europe railway which makes trasportation very convenient We have gathered eight senior professional technical staff three SQE three QA to provide high quality and efficiency services they are skillful to use all kinds of design software e g UG Mastercam Solidwork AutoCAD CAVA Pro E etc

Categories and Products

Rapid Prototyping

3D Printing

Custom precision 3D printed parts 3D Printing Plastic Rapid Prototype High precision metal 3d printing service High precision rapid prototyping 3d printing Efficient custom metal rapid prototyping 3d printing 3D printing of aluminum turning metal parts Customized aluminum alloy 3D printing parts 3d printing of mechanical parts 3D printing of plastic model parts 3D printing of galvanized aluminum alloy parts 3D printing of alumina parts 3D printing of metal plastic prototypes Resin material spray paint parts 3D printing High precision 3D printing of plastic parts High precision 3D printing of plastic components Custom large scale 3d printing service Polypropylene PP large 3d printing service 3D printing/ rapid prototype SLA SLS service selective laser machine 3d printer titanium 3d printing Best print accuracy 3d printer service 

Rapid CNC Prototyping

Machining Cnc rapid prototyping parts Fast cnc prototype stainless steel plate Rapid numerical control prototype aluminum alloy parts Rapid numerical control prototype anodized parts Rapid numerical control prototype anodized components Quick CNC prototype galvanized sheet metal Quick CNC prototype galvanized metal parts Rapid numerical control prototype metal powder coated parts Rapid CNC prototype alumina parts Rapid numerical control prototype spray painted metal plate Rapid CNC prototype polishing of aluminum parts Quick CNC prototype polished metal box Rapid numerical control prototype sandblasting board Fast prototype of high quality CNC car Rapid prototype precision wire drawing CNC turning parts Customized CNC rapid prototyping Aluminum CNC machining service prototype design Professional CNC fast car parts prototype 4 Axis CNC milling aluminum alloy rapid prototyping Efficient custom precision 3D rapid prototyping CNC milling 

CNC Machining

Cnc Milling

CNC Milling Metal Parts For Communication Equipment Anodized Aluminum CNC Milling Parts CNC Milling Housing With Blue Anodize Black Anodising CNC Milling Machining Part Precision CNC Milling Machining Aluminum Part CNC Milling Precision Metal Components Aluminium CNC Milling Components Precision CNC Milling Steel Parts Aluminum CNC Milling Machined Block Custom CNC Milling Machined Aluminum Parts With Anodize Aluminum Billet CNC Milling Machining CNC Milling Plastic POM Parts Aluminum Machined CNC Milling Keys Custom Aluminum CNC Milling Plate CNC Machining Milling Aluminum Alloy Part CNC Milling Prototype Parts Precision Aluminum CNC Milling Components Custom Made CNC Milling Alloy Mechanical Machine Parts CNC Milling Metal Aluminum Alloy Mechanical Machine Parts 5 Axis CNC Machine Custom Metal Parts 

Cnc Turning

Precision machining aluminum CNC Turning Parts Custom machined aluminum Turning parts Custom machined CNC Turning aluminum parts Machining of precision CNC turning plastic parts Custom machining CNC Turning steel parts High Precision Cnc milling machining parts Customized Precision Metal Turning CNC Parts Custom precision CNC LOWER gear plate Customized Precision stainles Turning CNC Parts Customized Precision steel Turning CNC Parts High precision CNC Turning parts Custom precision CNC Turning parts Service Fabrication service cnc turning stainless steel part Chongqing CNC Machining Turning Parts CNC turning machining of mechanical parts Black Anodized Precision CNC Turning Aluminum 6061 Parts CNC Turned Aluminum Anodize Parts CNC Turning Aluminum Parts With Black Anodize CNC Turning Stainless Steel Parts Professional Design and Production of CNC Turning Parts 

CNC Turn-mill

High precision custom CNC machining Parts Professional CNC turn-mill aluminum cnc turn-mill motorcycle part High precision CNC Machining auto Parts CNC Machining Parts According to drawings OEM ODM Aluminum parts with clear anodizing Professional Custom Aluminum Accessories CNC Machining 45# Steel with CED painting Custom CNC Machining Parts Precision CNC Machining Switch Parts High precision cnc grinding stainless steel parts Brass precision Cnc turning parts Machining precision supply aluminum CNC turning parts Custom stainless steel CNC machine turning parts Precision Cnc machining stainless steel parts CNC turning precision mechanical plastic parts Turning aluminum knob Cnc turning Non-standard aluminum anodized CNC turning parts Stainless steel parts manufacturing CNC foot Nc turning precision brass turning parts 

Die Casting

Mould Design

High precision die casting metal mould design 

Aluminum Die Casting

Die casting aluminium auto parts casting Aluminum die casting with customized precision CNC machining Communication base station signal launch cover Aluminum die casting of Motorcycle Engine Gearbox Cover Aluminum die casting of Motorcycle Front Cover Aluminum die-casting Xuan outer machine cylinder block Aluminum die casting parts Experienced in manufacturing sand casting aluminum parts Customized lighting components for aluminum film castings Custom aluminum alloy die casting casting parts Light source component aluminum die casting auto parts High pressure production of custom aluminum alloy casting Polished round aluminum alloy die casting parts High precision aluminum alloy die casting coating Customized high pressure aluminum and zinc mold castings Anodized aluminum alloy die casting for parts Aluminum alloy die casting radiator die parts Motorcycle parts aluminum alloy die casting Aluminum alloy electronic lighting duck claw accessories Custom powder sheet aluminum die casting parts 

Zamak Die Casting

Customized Zamak Die Casting Parts Custom Service Zamak Die Casting Part Precise Machining Zamak Die Casting Component Zamak Die Cast Mould Making Parts Customized Precision Zamak Die Casting parts Precision Zamak Die Casting housing parts Custom metal die cast aluminum alloy Customized aluminum zamak die casting machining Zinc alloy Zamak die casting polishing parts Zinc alloy zamak die casting anodized parts Zamak die cast stainless steel plate Zamak stainless steel die casting Galvanized zamak door handle die-cast Fine Zamak alloy die casting die vehicle machinery Customized Zamak Die Casting Components Customized zamak galvanized casting parts Custom polished chrome zamak die-casting parts Custom polished chrome zamak die-casting components 

Sheet Metal Forming

CNC Bending

CNC Machining Metal Plate Bending Parts CNC stainless steel bending parts Custom CNC Machining Bending Parts Stamping bending aluminum alloy CNC parts CNC Bending Precision Sheet Metal Parts CNC Bending Welding Stamping Sheet Metal Parts Stainless steel plate CNC bending machine parts Bending Parts Manufacturing Maintenance Sheet Metal CNC Black Anodized CNC Machining Bending Parts CNC Bending Black Stainless Steel Parts Precision CNC Punching Machine Sheet Stamping Bending Parts 

Metal Stamping

Customized Tinplated Metal Stamping Parts Industrial Sheet Metal Stamping Metal Manufacturing Stainless Steel Metal Stamping Precision Custom Metal Stamping Parts High Precision Custom Anodized Metal Forming High precision custom anodized metal stamping parts Custom black metal stamping parts Hydraulic metal stamping machine parts Customized metal stamping and bending parts Sheet Metal Stamping Mechanical Parts 

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